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A small, neglected warehouse built in the s has been renovated by Tasou Associates to create the light-filled 9 Jeffrey's Place office in London. Tasou Associates ' intervention opened up 9 Jeffrey's Place to bring in more light, making use of industrial materials that nod to the building's industrial past. The overhaul follows an earlier adaptation of the two-storey building into a dated workspace, which was shortly abandoned as it failed to tackle the building's dark, truncated layout.

Tasou Associates began its overhaul of 9 Jeffrey's Place by stripping back the building to expose the original structure. Close Thesaurus.

Children's, Intermediate and Advanced Online English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Other entries for this word. Related words. Synonyms and related words. Empty of people or things: empty , blank , bare Explore Thesaurus. Lonely and isolated: lonely , isolated , alone At the time, it was the largest ski jump in the eastern United States and was the spot where Olympians from the east coast would train.

The glory days of the Nansen Ski Jump left as quickly as they came, and by , the jump was out of use and left to rot. Recently, conservation efforts have been launched to restore the jump to its original beauty. Today, the jump still stands in the middle of a park managed by the state. The beloved home stadium for the New York Mets stood from The quirky stadium, located in Queens, was iconic for its rising apple after Mets home runs, neon signage located throughout the concourses, and its orange foul poles, the only of its kind in MLB.

Although Shea was a fan-favorite, ownership, aligning with the stadium modernization trend, decided a new stadium was necessary. In , the Mets moved into their new abode, Citi Field, leaving old Shea abandoned and forgotten. The politically charged Olympics in Berlin were the first games to be televised and were considered, at the time, the most decadent Olympics to date.

Behind the lavish facade of nice venues was the evil rooted in pre-war Germany, namely the blatant racism and anti-Semitism that was displayed at the games. Despite the outward display of racism, African-American athlete Jesse Owens led the games with four gold medals. Germany led all countries in the overall medal count with the United States coming in second. What happened to the storied program that belonged to the Miami Hurricanes?

The Canes were once the most dominant team in the land and the most coveted program for recruits. Somehow, someway, somewhere, this trend stopped, and the Canes began to fade into irrelevancy. Today, the program is a shell of itself, and the stadium that once housed all of its glory no longer stands. The Miami Orange Bowl was the iconic venue of the Dolphins until the conclusion of the season and was the home of the Hurricanes until the end of the season. Demolition of the stadium concluded in May of The stadium held about 16, people and was a landmark for the light towers that rose above the city of Hull, England.

Combine the perpetually bleak, gray skies of England with the old stadium design that lacked color, personality, and any luxury amenities and you have Boothferry Park.

Tiger Stadium

It was a forgettable venue that was literally forgotten. In , the final demolition took place, clearing Hull of this monstrosity. Back to Athens we go. We mentioned the economic collapse following the games, we touched on the immense amount of feta cheese and pita bread that was consumed, and we spoke about how the games came and went without any major incidents.

We also discussed the utter disregard Athens has had for their Olympic venues. Today, the venue is abandoned, with weeds and other shrubs taking over the infield.

Definition of Abandonment

The games were also boycotted by dozens of nations, leading to a politically charged climate with less competition. Other issues included the incredibly expensive yet highly dysfunctional Olympic Stadium, pictured in the background. The stadium was way over budget and was supposed to include a retractable roof. The roof, as it turned out, never fully worked and was a giant headache. This eerie picture shows just how devastating the Bosnian War of the mids was. The field that is currently marked by hundreds of gravestones was once part of the Sarajevo Olympics.

East Germany led the Games with nine gold medals while the Soviet Union led all countries in the overall medal count with Wanting to go out with a bang, the Soviets dominated the medal count by massive margins. These games were also the last time Team U. Many of the venues used at the Games are still around and have been modernized. Dongdaemun Stadium, however, is not one of them. The stadium opened in and held roughly 23, people. In , after years of going unused, the stadium was demolished.

Prior to demolition, the stadium was used as a flea market and parking lot. Did you know that Barcelona had two teams in La Liga?

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The team everyone knows is F. The other club in Barcelona, the neglected team that gets no attention outside of its faithful diehards, is RCD Espanyol. The stadium hosted five soccer games at the Summer Olympics. The Summer Olympics saw the United States top the medal count for the first time since Stone Mountain seated 12, fans and was state of the art.

However, just 11 years after making its debut, Stone Mountain closed shop and has since been demolished. Giants Stadium operated from through It was primarily the home of the New York Giants and the Jets.

Abandoned Japanese Billionaire's Mansion - $10,000,000 Left Behind

For the Giants, Giants Stadium was home to great success. For the Jets, not so much.


Applying automatic discounts to abandoned checkout recovery emails · Shopify Help Center

That franchise has been mired in misery for decades. Maybe ownership thought a change of scenery, aka a new stadium located 20 feet away, would change things up. Nope, not so much. In , Giants Stadium was demolished and has since become a parking lot. The Madhouse on Madison, as it was colloquially known by the Chicago faithful, was the arena that housed the Chicago Bulls from and the Chicago Blackhawks from The nickname spawned from the raucous, rabid crowds that filled the tightly packed arena nightly.

Another quirk that undoubtedly aided the Blackhawks was the shorter-than-regulation- ice rink that was constructed pre-NHL regulations. In , the cherished arena was demolished.

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The House that Ruth Built was the stadium behind the most dominant sports dynasty in history.