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We brew our beer in an arch…. The community of brewers is growing with the increased interest and demand of drinkers, but the quality of the output seems to waiver very little and craft enthusiasts from around the world are paying attention. In a further celebration of all that is so exciting about Brixton and beer these days, the striking label design uses the Connect Brixton print designed by EleyKishimoto as part of Brixton Design Week Our label design see above once again uses vibrant colours and takes African batiks as its inspiration.

The heat wave was typically short-lived but….

BAME short-story prize goes to Lisa Smith | Books | The Guardian

This is the third in a series about the real-life inspiration for our beers, most of which are named for places around Brixton. This is the second in a series about the real-life inspiration for our beers, which are named for places around Brixton. Read Part 1 here. Our Electric IPA is, appropriately enough, the strongest of all of our core beers at 6. It seems an inextricable part of the many layers of Brixton.

The River Effra is one of those evocative lost rivers of…. But…we quickly…. To celebrate reaching the brew milestone we decided to venture into new territory and make an Imperial IPA. Drop by en-route to Lambeth Country Show! Our Story Our Beers. Our Story.

Our beer Our beer is hand crafted in small batches. Our Beers. Collaborations Ltd Edn Specials. Load More. Bold aromas and flavours compete for passing attention, a bit like our Atlantic A. Named after the Effra river, which now flows beneath urban Brixton, this ale is perfect for deep thirsts.

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So take a sip and say cheers to the vibrant Caribbean culture that makes Brixton come alive. Latest from the Blog The Blog. CandidateID , the founders have a marketing background and you can tell! Green candidates are proactively looking, red are not looking at all. Amber are the hot spot of candidates, who are open to opportunities and who, with the right content, could be enticed.

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Candidate screening: there are 2 drivers behind my engagement with AI for candidate screening — firstly the diversity benefits; eliminating the conscious and unconscious bias as well as boredom! It is fully transparent for candidates too and is a jolly tool to use! Predictive Hire uses a questionnaire to assess company culture, with which to screen candidates and Seedlink uses linguistics. Needless to say that using technology is only an enabler and that you need to understand your culture in the first place that will support you in getting the business results.

And secondly that you ensure that your leadership is aware and fully able to articulate and embrace this culture, reflecting this in everyday discussion and decision making. Only then you can put the technology to good use. Too many times I have noticed as well that people do their talent acquisition really well but they are a revolving door. Yet there are so many studies providing comprehensive statistics illustrating the importance of it from engagement, retention and productivity perspectives.

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Workbook: Memos & Dispatches On Writing

A really simple and easy to use solution that I like is called HROnboard : an intuitive messaging system, which keeps contact with the candidates from offer until a period of time after they have joined. It immerses them into the company culture and norms as well as prompting managers and team to check in and welcome the new joiner. The content can be uploaded as you see fit and includes videos, podcasts, reading material, etc.

  • BAME short-story prize goes to Lisa Smith.
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It is also very useful for internal mobility, to settle staff into their new location and tea. Filtered and Learn Amp to me are the future of LMS platforms, they are Netflix-like, so easy to use and intuitive, accessible on any device, with learning prompts based on what you have chosen previously. They can be used for external content, including such as TED talks and HBR articles, as well as for developing and sharing your own content intracompany, including everything learning — from technical skills to mindfulness.

There are 2 interesting tools here.

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Emoquo is a personal online business coach a coach in your pocket. In addition, Emoquo provides an analytics dashboard showing the emotional wellbeing of an organisation.

  1. BAME short-story prize goes to Lisa Smith.
  2. The Dragon Chronicles of Montangna.
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  4. Lamara's Success Story | BOCK Training.
  5. Open Blend facilitates face to face contact, rather than removing it and includes a performance management module. Through online learning and prompts, it enables people managers to enhance the performance of the modern workforce. ThanksBox helps organisations improve employee recognition, reward recognition and behaviours and have a platform for communicating, collaborating and sharing ideas. The dashboard can be used to feed into your standard performance appraisal and the linked rewards are a nice bonus tool.

    That is why Effra consults focusses on all things people to boost business performance. This will only happen when we truly understand, embrace and make use of HR technology.