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This bedside light will take you only a couple of hours to make and the design means you can select a higher column if you wish and make a free-standing lamp or even a standard lamp. Just bear in mind that the higher you make the unit, the broader the base needs to be to ensure stability — so adapt the materials list accordingly.

The beauty of this project is that it combines a little simple woodwork with some simple electrical work — well within the reach of the average DIY enthusiast. Bear in mind, however, that if you are in any doubt whatsoever with regards to your capabilities when it comes to electrical work — even simple connections like the ones use here, rather get a professional to make the connections for you.

To find your nearest Mica and to enquire about availability, please go to www. If your local Mica does not stock exactly what you need they will be able to order or suggest an alternative product or a reputable source. Mica is one of the largest hardware groups in Africa with over stores nationwide and growing. Mica is member owned and managed by a small team of retailers who are passionate about the success of members in everything they do, providing a full support system in training, marketing, finance, merchandise and store development.

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In this case, we cut them to mm. Kirsten was able to ask the kinds of questions she couldn't ask a Congressman: "How did you juggle a newborn, an election, your husband, and your child — with the two homes a Congress member needs to keep? She said, to both Gabby and me, 'Not only does your voice matter, but, as women, you can weigh in in ways that can help move an issue. Because we're women — because we're mothers — we have a different perspective, a different lens.

We're able to bring people together, to consensus-build. The admiration between the women was mutual. Sometimes, when two women are so similar, it's not a good thing, but in our case we rooted for each other from the beginning. Debbie, a New York State native, had discovered her calling when she attended the University of Florida, falling in love with Florida and politics. At 26, she became the state's youngest-ever female Representative. Kirsten was, in a sense, born to the political life. Her grandmother, Polly Noonan, was a secretary without a college education.

So Noonan developed, from scratch, a powerful envelope-stuffing, phone-banking political operation of local women in Albany, NY, known as "Polly's Girls. As a child, Kirsten Elizabeth Rutnik — then known as Tina — affixed bumper stickers on cars with the feisty Noonan and learned, at her grandmother's boisterous kitchen table, the joy of politics. After graduating with honors from Dartmouth, Kirsten studied in China and became fluent in Mandarin , got her law degree at UCLA, and, while working at a New York City law firm, met British venture capitalist Jonathan Gillibrand at a party after she'd begged off their originally scheduled blind date because she had to work late.

Jonathan was set to return to the U. Ignatius Loyola Catholic church in Their son Theo was born in Kirsten ran for Congress during the same cycle as Gabby. She remembers seeing Gabby being interviewed on TV the day after the election and "being incredibly impressed. I couldn't wait to meet her. We're all policy wonks. We're all consensus builders. They had so much in common, but the deep trust and loyalty that blossomed among them, in a town where the term "friend" is thrown around lightly, felt like nothing short of a gift.

As Debbie puts it, "Our friendship is a refuge. Away from their public lives, the women got to know one another increasingly well. Debbie adds, "Kirsten is much more like me; we're both hard-charging. As Steve Schultz explains, following her dreams is "something I would never tell Debbie she couldn't do. If you love someone, you don't want to hold them back. Being a Congresswoman was what her heart was set on, so if it was gonna take more sacrifice from me, that was fine. The Gillibrands chose a different compromise, but also with the man in the flexible-helpmeet role: Jonathan moved his finance business to Washington, DC, so the family could live together while Congress was in session.

Kirsten became the sixth pregnant woman in the House of Representatives her second son, Henry, was born in , enduring "let's say, many awkward moments," she recalls, with older male colleagues who "gave me a lot of unsolicited advice — I probably reminded them of their daughters — which I actually found very charming. In turn, she benefited from the experience of the previous generation of women: Around the time of her election, the first female Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, installed pumping rooms across the Capitol area.

Suddenly a lot of disappointed Manhattanites, who'd been looking forward to a star-value Senator, were sniffing, "Who's Kirsten Gillibrand? At 42, and dogged by doubters, Kirsten came to the Senate as the youngest member ever to enter that chamber. The result of Polly Noonan's advice? Kirsten was officially elected in , and over the course of almost three years, she has become a powerful Senator and a passionate advocate for women's getting into the political process.

She's been fantastic to watch. Like her two friends, Gabrielle Giffords was a political star with enormous potential at the time of her shooting. Born in Tucson, she graduated from Southern California's Scripps College, received a master's degree in regional planning with an emphasis on U. Her mother has proudly called her "Little Miss Overachiever. Her championing of small business and her Arizona frontier spirit she's a longtime gun owner led the fetchingly pretty young leader with the radiant smile to be an attractive local candidate.

She was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in , at 30; then, at 32, she became the youngest woman ever elected to the Arizona State Senate. From there, Gabby quickly earned her place on the national political radar. For her environmentalism, the Sierra Club honored her with the Most Valuable Player of the year award; for her health-care advocacy, she was named Legislator of the Year by the Mental Health Association of Arizona. When she was elected to Congress in , she was 36 and unmarried.

Her confident, breezy competence impressed and charmed veteran political insiders.

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No one was more charmed than astronaut Mark Kelly. They'd met briefly before at a government-related conference, but got to know each other in Gabby was wary of dating because she had, as she once put it, gone out with "some big players, but they weren't really nice men. Mark, the son of retired New Jersey police officers, was a divorced, down-to-earth fighter pilot and father of two daughters who was flummoxed at the prospect of starting to date after a long marriage. He and Gabby became friends; she even coached him on dating etiquette.

But in time, both became smitten; he showed up at her campaign events, and she attended his shuttle launch.

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Later, Gabby would tell a reporter from "Vows," the New York Times wedding column, "When our relationship just kept getting deeper, I felt a huge sense of relief. I had found someone like me. We're both really curious.

We're focused on the same things. Kirsten knew from close observation that the relationship between Mark and Gabby was more than a fairy tale; it was powerfully real. He wants to draw her out. When Gabby and Mark visited Steve's family's New Hampshire home the last couple of summers, they'd go hiking and sit around the campfire at night playing Bananagrams. Rebecca Schultz and Mark's daughters, Claire and Claudia, now 14 and 15, became friends; they text-message to this day.

Steve laughs as he recalls sitting at the lake and watching Mark take Rebecca out on a rented Sunfish. The boat capsized; into the lake the two went. I was definitely laughing. Did I razz him? A little. Debbie remembers that she and Gabby would go shopping together at the supermarket and buy "way too much food. We'd cook together at night, taking turns.

We have a fire pit in our yard, and we'd sit around and make s'mores. The two couples kept a low profile — so much so that Debbie remembers that one day "Steve was putting up chicken wire" to keep animals out "so Mark woke up early to help out, and they were both sweating their bald heads off. And our neighbor came by and was talking to them.

And I guess he didn't realize that I was a member of Congress, so when something came up and that fact was revealed, he said, 'I didn't know Debbie was a Congresswoman! And he's an astronaut!


Gabby and Mark were married in — Gabby in a borrowed Vera Wang gown, Mark in his medal-bedecked white naval dress uniform. Robert Reich, the former labor secretary, famously paid tribute to the couple with his toast: "To a bride who moves at a velocity that exceeds that of anyone else in Washington, and a groom who moves at a velocity that exceeds 17, miles per hour. Beautiful, smart, hardworking, balanced She had it all. Mark Kelly's words would echo, first in the hearts and heads of her constituents, and then in the nation at large, as people watched Gabby fight for her life and all the promise that life had once held.

They didn't expect to be able to see their friend, still in intensive care, but wanted to be at the memorial service for those who had perished in the shooting. Adds Kirsten, unable to hold back tears, "We were so grateful to have that chance. We were desperate to hold her, to tell her to fight hard — and that we were with her every step of the way. Gabby's parents were there, as was Nancy Pelosi, standing close at bedside, next to Mark.

We took turns holding and rubbing her hand," Debbie says. Kirsten went first. We want you to play softball. We've got to go out for pizza again. Then it was Debbie's turn. The kids want to see you. At that moment, Gabby started to struggle faintly to open her eyes. Seeing his wife's eyelids flutter, "Mark leapt across the room and said, 'Gabby, Gabby! Open your eyes! He also wanted to make sure she could see him. Debbie remembers that then "Mark said, 'Honey, if you see me, give me the thumbs-up sign.

Come on, honey! He postulated that as organs shut down, they can release a steroidlike compound that briefly rouses the body. In the specific case of brain tumors, swelling occurs in the confined space of the skull. The edema shrinks as hospice patients are weaned off food and drink, waking up the brain a bit. These windows of energy can startle family members sitting at the bedside. Those who hold out hope that their loved ones may somehow recover may see the comebacks as encouraging.

Some find the little flickers disturbing or even heartbreaking. Blinderman said.

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Janet Bull dispenses the same advice, as chief medical officer at the Four Seasons Compassion for Life, a nonprofit hospice care organization in North Carolina. During her 18 years in the field, Dr. Bull has seen many rallies, but one in particular stands out.

Physiologically, experts believe that the mind becomes more responsive when a hospice patient is taken off the extensive fluids and medications such as chemotherapy that have toxic effects. Stopping the overload restores the body to more of its natural balance, and the dying briefly become more like their old selves.

Hospice professionals note a compelling desire to say goodbye or bond with loved ones in those last moments.